that is one hot tamale

I have a small rather large obsession with Hot Tamales. You know, the candy? The cinnamon flavored nuggets of awesome that come in the red box? Yeah. I love those. And I always happen to eat them when I'm working. My friend (and former co-worker! Go Informer!), Harris, can attest to this. I used to buy them and compulsively eat them while I would lay out my section of the newspaper or frantically write another story. We tried sharing them for a while, but I usually ended up eating all of them. We quickly stopped sharing. But every once in a while, he'd buy me some when I was too busy to even get up from my computer. That's a true friend, friends (shameless plug: he also has a music blog. You should probs check it out here).

So imagine my surprise when the boyfriend and I were given a whole gift bag of treats. And guess what was in this bag of treats. Four boxes of Hot Tamales. FOUR. I just about died and went to candy heaven.
zomg om nom nom
So I've been munching on them for the last week or so at work, and now I'm on my last box. And I am a sad panda. But man. They're so good.

Anyone else have a candy habit they just can't quit? Please don't let me be the only random candy craver out here...

OH and speaking of food that I crave, the Girl Scouts were in my building at work today. And you best bet that I bought two boxes of cookies. Because they're freaking delicious. I wish they sold those dang cookies all the time. Of course, then I might weigh 300 pounds, but that's besides the point. They're delicious. And those peanut butter pattie ones? Yeah. They're mah fave.

And, just so this isn't about food, have you ever read Wrong Number Texts? It's from the same folks who run Damn You Auto Correct. And it makes my day that much more hilarious. I think you should check both out so you can see gems like this:
and this:
You're welcome.


  1. I gave my 8th grade boys a handful of tamales if they read their journal entries out loud. Needless to say, they were lined up around the block.

  2. I LOVE HOT TAMALES TOO!!! Once I start, I can't stop. ;P

  3. lol, that was a hoot!!! and btw, I gotta tell you that your parmesan chicken recipe was DA BOMB!!!! so delish, my whole family loved it! and i found that f21 top online in case u don't wanna venture into the store, here is the link - Lace Bow Top


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