and a big, pink whale

So I went to get my free Pinkberry yesterday, only to discover that they were handing out coupons for free Pinkberry once the store opened. Needless to say, I'm disappointed. Looks like I need to go back...

But I did run into a giant pink whale.
meet my excited face.
Good times.

Then we went to a Barefoot Truth concert at the Patagonia store on Newbury Street. I've said before that BFT is not my favorite band really, but the boyfriend loves them. LOVES them. So much so that he talked to them outside a record store while I bought myself a new purse. But he did accompany me to Madewell before the concert started and assisted me in picking out a $17 romper. FROM MADEWELL. Winning. All day, every day.

Anywho, the concert was great. Small, intimate, acoustic. All in all pretty cool. We only stayed for about half of the set since we had gone straight from work, and it was getting pretty late for our old-folk selves.  I unfortunately did not take any pictures, but the boyfriend did. Check out his review of the show here! He has more to say about it than me.

Oh, and at the end of the night, I fell. On the T. In a dress. Pretty sure I flashed like half of the train. Highly embarrassing.

And on that note, I'm going to go. It's my first full weekend without the Gap! Huzzah! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. That whale is scary.

    Yay for $17 dollar ANYTHING from Madewell!

    And sorry you fell. Boo. :(

  2. is it bad that i sort of chuckled when you told us you fell? i'm sorry. I don't mean to be a bad friend. forgive me?

  3. ps - you and the whale makes me really happy.

  4. $17 from madewell?! score!

    and i love love love pinkberry. like so much i've considered opening a store nearer to me b/c the boston one isnt close enough.

    pathetic. and it wont really happen. pipe dreams, pipe dreams.

  5. hehe i love this little whale i would take a picture with him too ^-^ thanks for your lovely comment it made my day you're too sweet. you look awfully familiar but i'm thinking there is no way we know eachother :P
    thanks for the follow<3

  6. ugh I hate when stuff like that happens like falling and when you're all by yourself. blah! and that whale is scary..just saying! ha


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