awkward and awesome thursday

Oh, have I got some treats for you today...

- The man who announced to me that he was getting tea while I was waiting to get coffee. His exact words: "I'm going to get tea, ok?" "Thanks for asking for my permission. Yes, you may get your tea. Also, who the hell are you?"
- Small talk in the kitchen at work in general with people I don't know. We do not know each other. We probably will never know each other. Let's keep the talking to a minimum.
- Walking down three-flights of stairs in four-inch wedges. I have an intense fear of falling down them. It'll probably happen.
- Opening up a door onto someone's face. Yeah. Shit. Whoops.
- When someone heats up something weird in the kitchen and it wafts out to my new desk. And it smells distinctly like cat food. WHY IS SOMEONE EATING CAT FOOD?!

- Adele's new album. I promise I'll stop talking about Adele now. This is three posts in a row. But just so you know, she's awesome.
- Getting recognized for being awesome at work this week alongside two other pretty stellar ladies.
- My tan lines. Makes me think that summer's not that far away...
- Free Pinkberry tonight at their new location in Boston. I like Pinkberry. And I love free.
- Happy hour at Howl at the Moon with a bunch of fun people.

Last Friday night, we celebrated our return to Boston by going to happy hour. Kevin had won it, so we got to wear super cool wristbands and get awesome drink prices. Highlights (shh...highlights):
the most precious moment ever.
as becca said, "mmmm diabetes." those buckets were pure grenadine.
turned into a sweet beer chiller.
blazer: gap shirt: gap bag: longchamp
Safe to say, Saturday morning was pretty rough with my grenadine hangover. But it was one of the best ways to come back to the city.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. haha.. I love your awkward/awesome posts!

    1.eww cat food
    2. free is always the best
    3. maybe I should start announcing my coffee? It could be entertaining to see others' reactions?

  2. Aww man... the tea guy is hilarious. What the hell??

    This was one of my faves of your A&A so far!!


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