awkward and awesome thursday

Back and ready for action!

- Listening to Lil' Wayne at work and getting a little too into my head-bobbing. Mah bee.
- Watching my best friend kick a water bottle on Saturday night. Watching that water bottle go directly toward a drunk man. Watching said water bottle hit said drunk man. Watching that drunk man try to start a fight with my (notsosober) best friend.
- Finding out that drinking water from a straw out of my Nalgene is weird. Everyone thinks I'm strange now. Great.
- When I carefully wrap up my headphones before I leave work to avoid tangled-ness, and I end up with this in the morning:

- Hosting Easter dinner for the first time this Sunday :) And the awesomesauce brownies I plan on baking. Two words: fudge & sea salt (yeah yeah yeah three words, I know).
- Werther's Originals. Delicious.
- Going to visit my alma mater next weekend to relive a little bit of this...
winning. all day, every day.
...and this...
photos courtesy of mah little. the redhead in front. ruvyou.
- That Iron & Wine concert I went to on Tuesday. Is there a category for amazing? Because that's what it was.

First things first, we went to an amazing tapas restaurant before the show. There's something you should know about me: I love food. All kinds. And I love trying all kinds of different food. So typical meals of just one main course are just sort of unappealing for me. Sure, I still love it. But there's something infinitely more wonderful in having the option to try lots of different things. Plus, what other time am I going to be able to have dumplings and arancini in the same meal? Never. So yeah, tapas rules. And, of course, I went into my food blackout mode and didn't take a single photo. I'm working on getting better with that.

And the concert. Shit. It was cool. We were on the first balcony. Every other time we've been to the House of Blues, we've been on the floor. But this was a sold-out show, and I have a history of blacking out (notfrombooze) when I get too claustrophobic. So I'm glad that we were in the balcony. And we snagged a spot dead center, so we got to see everything.

It was pretty neat. And Sam Beam's beard is just as epic in person as it is on the Interwebz. Sorry for the crappy quality on my photos; there was an overhang above us, so I couldn't get good light. But hey, I'll take what I can get.
sam beam looks like a ghost 
yellow ghost.
and the award for best picture goes blackberry.
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I will be living vicariously through you with this concert. Consider it my own personal blackout?

  2. looove me some weezy. and that ALWAYS happens to my headphones too!!! i haate it. wtf indeed.


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