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And now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. It was nice to have a little break away from work and writing, but I'm glad to be back on schedule. I don't want to bombard you with all of the details of my vacation in one huge, picture-laden post, so I figured I'd break it down into a couple of days, pointing out the highlights from the trip.

First, though, there is something you need to know. We didn't get to the condo in Florida until 3 a.m. on Saturday night (slash Sunday morning).Our flight was delayed by about two hours because they overfueled our plane. And can I tell you, when things don't go according to schedule, I get very irritated. So we sat on the tarmac of the Worcester Airport with no air conditioning, just waiting to see if we could still fly with all this extra fuel weighing us down. Thankfully, we could. But by the time we landed and got our rental car and made our way to the airport, I was exhausted, hungry and just overall very cranky. So I read the number of the condo wrong and we ended up driving around the community for an extra 20 minutes because I was a dummy.

Anywho. The food. The food in Florida was out of this world. As was the booze. There was Cuban food, Italian food, Mexican fusion food...everything you could ever desire was in downtown Delray. My little heart was overjoyed at all the prospects. I wish we could have stayed longer (slash had more money) so we could have tried it all.

- Finding sweet potato tater tots at Deck 84 on our first night there. I have had a soft spot for them since they were a special at The Pourhouse in Boston.
- Having a craving for full-flavor Coke and getting a cup as big as my head.
and you thought i was kidding.
- Getting free drinks at the Buddha Sky Bar for going up to take a look.


- Taco Tuesday at Deck 84 - two tacos and a margarita for just $12. A dream.
- Cabana club sandwich and plantain chips at Cabana; the busboy accidentally threw away half of it that I planned to take home, so they made me a new half and gave me more plantain chips. I'll call it a win.
- Mango fruit popsicles at Hip Pops which were delicious and refreshing.
- So. Much. Tangy. Froyo. It made my lactose intolerant self jump for joy because I can eat it without getting sick. Huzzah!
- Taking my first trip to 3G's deli for my first legit Jewish deli experience. I got egg salad. It was to die for.

There's something about going on vacation that makes me want to try all different kinds of food. I didn't take any pictures of my food because I get really excited when food comes and then I eat it all before I can remember to take a picture. It's like food blackout. All I know is eating.

Did you eat anything fun this week?


  1. First Jewish deli? Girl--you are MISSING out! Challah french toast is one of the best breakfast dishes eva. (And don't get me started about a good pastrami on rye.)


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