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You didn't think I'd go away and leave you all hanging did you? Of course not! The fabulous and wonderful Brooke from Bright Wishes is here today, sharing some fun and gorgeous new hairstyles for spring. Oh, you don't know Brooke? She's amazing. She's a wonderful mother to a beautiful little girl (gah little one!) and soon to be bride! Here she is!

While Alexandria is in Florida having the best time on the beach (w/o us! ha) she asked me to guest blog and I am so thrilled! I thought I would share some of my favorite hairstyles lately.  I'm getting my hair done tomorrow for the first time in 6 months and I am so excited. I'm going back to blonde since my natural hair has grown out and now I am a brunette and it's making me look very pale. I'm also trying to grow out my hair for my wedding at the end of the year! So here we go...

I love these ringlets. via

The fishtail braid. I will accomplish this someday. via

These 3 buns have been circling the web and they are so cute!

Ombre hair is very "in" all the sudden and it looks so cute on certain people. On me, it just looks like I really need a touch up! via

I hope you enjoyed this and thanks Alexandria for letting me be a guest on your blog today!

I'm crying over my shorty status locks right now with these gorgeous looks. Sigh. Thanks for the gorgeous looks, Brooke! Head on over to Bright Wishes and say hello :)


  1. Nice job Brooke!!

    Wow, I have NEVER seen anything like that "fishtail" braid! I kinda like it!! :)

  2. yesss, i too love the cup of jo buns but i think the ombre hair is my fav.

    love, love, love brooke!

  3. gorgeous choices! I'm dieing over those phenomenal RED ringlets...i have a thing for redheads ;) And how have I missed those triple buns...I'm going to try those for sure! yay for fun, classy hair styles :)

  4. haha, "Adam" is actually me, haley :) I was signed in under my husband...oops! ;)

  5. Oh wow, I just love the idea of three buns. So pretty. I need to try that with my hair (and a lot of bobby pins).

  6. I am without skill when it comes to hair.. I wish I could any one of those things!


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