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Have I told you about my obsession with The Sartorialist? I'm sure I have somewhere back in my archives. It's pretty extensive. I have high hopes and aspirations to be featured on his site when he comes to Boston. We'll see. So I already obsessively stalk the archives, looking for inspiration on what to wear. And then CNN goes ahead and posts this: How to get on The Sartorialist. The gods are listening to me.

When I get emails like this from J.Crew... heart goes pitter patter. Guess we all know where I'm going tonight after my Pure Barre class.

The end of this post over at Aura Joon breaks my heart every time. Into a million trillion little pieces. Such beautiful words, from such a beautiful woman. And now she has a beautiful little girl. Gah. If you haven't checked out Aura Joon, you probs should.

I've fallen in love with TeuxDeux. It's keeping my life all sorts of organized in the virtual world, and I can cross items off as I accomplish them. My type-A personality is all sorts of excited. Now they just need a BlackBerry app. Or I need an iPhone. One of the two.

Oh, and how adorable are these wines?
Joanna over at A Cup of Jo showed them off this morning. Now how much does it SUCK that they can't be delivered to Massachusetts? WHO DOES THAT?!

I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow, and I don't know what to do. I'm trying to grow out my hair after having a fit of insanity cutting it all off over the course of the past year. I want to maintain my hair and make sure I'm free of split ends, but I don't want to sacrifice what little length I've gotten lately. Suggestions for cuts? Ideas on shapes that grow out nicely?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. As if we needed ANOTHER reason to be bffs.. My life will not be complete until Scott Schuman takes my photograph. Must. Be. On. The. Sartorialist.


  2. Ugh I feel you on the haircuts. I am needing one too, but curly hair is so hard to do much with - style wise. It's summer though, enjoy the new cut! Short and layered is always a safe play.


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