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Two posts. In one day. Never thought I'd see the day.

The marathon was exciting to watch yesterday. We cheered on many runners, witnessed many falls from people tripping over the train tracks and even caught a glimpse of some of the elite runners (running steady 5-minute miles. Shit.). Pretty awesome stuff, if I do say so myself. Made me even more motivated for the Harpoon 5-miler. And maybe I'll be doing a half-marathon this summer. Maybe.

Tonight we're going to the Iron & Wine concert at the House of Blues in Boston. I'm excited to see him live, and to see Sam Beam's beard live and in the flesh. It's going to be glorious. I promise to have a full report with pictures and maybe some videos later this week.

I'm mostly posting just so I can show you this video. Go ahead and skip to 1:01.

Yeah. Penguins being tickled. Try not to laugh during that one.

And if you've got some spare time on your hands, go ahead and Google Image "peep diorama." Here, I'll give you a preview of what you're getting yourself into:


  1. Ahh I LOVE Iron and Wine!! Enjoy it my dear!!

  2. I can't wait to hear about Iron & Wine.. I love them. Hope you have an amazing time! ((I'm sure you will))

  3. 1. super jealous you get to see iron & wine.
    2. love that penguin video! LOVE it.
    3. thanks for the tips on the peeps. now i know what i'll be doing when i get bored at work.

  4. Iron and Wine is one of my favs!!! sooo jealous!

  5. A half marathon? That would be incredible! You can do it!

  6. That penguin is so so cute! Didn't know people actually kept them as pets! xo

  7. OMG I am loving the penguin and his little squeals - great. :O)
    A xx


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