awkward and awesome thursday

Sydney's back and doing it, so I guess I've got to too. Right?

 - Running on Sunday and seeing so many girls' shorts riding up their butts. I saw a few too many butts during that race.
 - Standing around like a lost child clutching my beer while looking for friends at said race. Debacle. Lots of people stared.
- Going into the bathroom, seeing someone is already in a stall. Do your business, leave stall to wash hands. Realize the person in the stall is waiting for you to leave. 'Sorry for interrupting?'
- Creep people on Facebook. Let's just leave it at that.
- REALTORS. Enough said.

 - This lady, who was dancing like it was her job at the Harpoon after party:
she had a pretty sick robot going on too.
 - All of the super cool bloggers I met at the Boston Blogger Picnic on Saturday!
 - How famous Bianca and I got from the Boston Blogger Picnic: here, here and here. Badam.
 - The sweet dinner I just cooked. Recipe to come tomorrow.
 - Bachelorette party this weekend in Connecticut!

Dolly is here for a long weekend, and I'm excited for the good things coming up. We've got a few apartment showings as well, so fingers crossed we can find something and we can stop dealing with sketchtastic realtors. And I can stop stressing out. And sprouting grey hairs.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm so upset I didn't know about the boston bloggers picnic, I would have loved to go! Have fun at the bachelorette party this weekend :)

  2. woohoo for awesomely awkward moments. I wish I could have seen you clutching that beer.

    Have fun in CT! Dagan is from fairfield.. I went for the first time over the winter. It's... quaint. and cute. and nothing like texas. haha.

  3. Dude...we have got to get together for a Florida blog picnik. Where are my Florida bloggers??? And dude also at that picture. because it is awesome!

  4. I had a be-YOND awkward dinner out with the bf this weekend. After a woman came to my table while the bf was away from the table and STOLE his napkin (words can't describe just how weird it was), I walked in on a MAN in the women's room. Ummm.... Two very very bizarre things in about five minutes.


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