friends, i need your help.

Saturday is my birthday (more on my thoughts on turning 23 later this week), and next Tuesday is my friend B's birthday. We're putting our special days together to go out on the town with our friends to have some fun and good drinks.
Here's where you all come in. We don't know where to go. Well...wait...we knew where to go, until we found out we'd have to wait like 45 minutes to get in because they wouldn't take a reservation. To this I say, "Oh helllllll no." So now we're thinking maybe Eastern Standard? I don't know. We plan on heading out a little earlier (say 8 or 9), and we don't mind a little bit of dancing.

So here's your chance. Wow me with your Boston bar knowledge. Preferably somewhere easily accessible on the green/red line. Thanks!


  1. I turn 23 this month too! I only ever take the T from North Station, the green line to Park Street, cause my school is right there.. we go out after sometimes but I've never seen anything in the area worthy of a birthday party/dinner lol. I'll be interested to see where you end up choosing, I have such little Boston knowledge for being from here :)

  2. I have no Boston knowledge for you..

    butttt. you're only turning 23? "oh hellllll no" I'm 24. I cried on my birthday.

    similar to the tears I have when my hair is cut.

  3. meh. i don't even know. so bad at this.


  4. if only i knew something about boston and had some sort of knowledge of their bars...
    have a fun double birthday though! can't wait to see the pictures of your party.
    OH! and i want to see your feathers!!!


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