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So Sunday was the much-anticipated Harpoon 5 Miler race in the Seaport District. I told you earlier this week that it was one of the best days of 2011 thus far, and I still stand by that.

When B suggested doing this months ago (I signed up before I went to Florida. Yeah, remember when we went to Florida? Sigh.), I remember thinking, 'Cool, a roadrace. Nothing special. Five miles seems pretty far.' As the day approached, I got more and more excited. We gathered our six-pack (clever for a brewery-sponsored race, non?), decided on a team name (First Runner Up's), decided we'd wear sunglasses, leis and obnoxiously bright apparel. I started running longer distances, and just a few days before the race I was finally able to get in a full run outside on pavement (thanks for the rain, Mother Nature).

When the morning came, waking up was hard, but I knew it'd be worth it. After some debacles of trying to even find half of our team, we all came together. And then after some more waiting around, we ran. We ran five miles on a misty Boston morning. It was colder than we'd expected, but we didn't care.
b, me and some sweet panda faces. don't ask. city sports was a race sponsor.
Now, here's the thing: half of my team are big running enthusiasts. And by that I mean, they've ran a lot of races, including marathons. The other half, on the other hand, had not done any such thing. This was actually my first, legitimate I-paid-for-this-race race ever. I was pretty nervous that I'd...I don't know...keel over and die in the middle or something. I have some pretty irrational fears.

But nothing scary happened. I ran and ran, and even though I was the last of my team to cross the finish line, I still was proud of my time, my pace and my overall accomplishment. I finished the race in under 50 minutes, and doing less than 10-minute miles is great. So go me. Go us.

My team finished 57th out of the 155 teams that signed up. There were a total of 3,500 runners on Sunday, all running to benefit The Angel Fund. Oh, and did I mention Harpoon gave us free beer at the end? Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

After a little while and some of the runners had cleared out of the after party, it turned into a slightly awkward but totally awesome dance party. And I had laughable, uninhibited fun. And we all laughed. And as we walked away from the brewery, onto our next adventure (an unintentional pub crawl anyone?), my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much. By the time we stumbled (a little less than sober) upon The South Street Diner, we were in near hysterics. And as we chatted up our waitress and a few other runners who found their way over to this sweet 24-hour diner (go get the Diner Special immediately), I realized how truly amazing the day had been.

Fun days come by a lot, especially now that I can actually experience weekends like a normal person (since, you know, I'm not a slave to the Gap anymore). But this one definitely stands out from the rest. Not only did I have a huge personal accomplishment, but I got to share it with five other really rad people. Five people who pushed me along, made sure I was accounted for when we all got separated at the after party, and genuinely had a good time with me. Five people whom I didn't even know 18 months ago.

So now I'm thinking of running a half marathon this summer with B. Not because I think I can recreate this day by any means. But because I really liked the challenge. Running distances was never my thing. I just...didn't do it. And I got into the mindset that I simply couldn't do it. And it's high time to wash those thoughts away.

So there you have it: one of the best days of 2011.
greatest six pack ever.
*last photo courtesy of B's phone/the fbook machine


  1. Yes! That's exactly how I felt when before I became a "runner". That it just wasn't my thing and that there was no way that I could finish long distances.

    Now -- four years later -- I'm training for a marathon and it turns out I'm actually not that slow!

    SO I say go for it. YOU CAN DO IT.

    (Let me know which half you sign up for -- I'd love to do one mid-summer/fall!)

  2. How awesome. Congrats. I ran my first 5k in October and then stopped running. I just started training two weeks ago for a 1/2 marathon in October. I am terrified but it benefts LLS so I'm excited.

  3. Awesome job! I've never done anything like this before...you are better than I! I'm the worst runner.

  4. woot woot! and herro to you too, ;P
    you GO girl w. your bad self. running a marathon is something i've never done, so BIG UPS to you.
    p/s I was just trying to get in touch w. u to ask u a quick question, but I can't seem to find your email addy. anyways, if you can email me at callcentergal88 (at) gmail dot come, it's be mucho appreciated.

  5. I loved reading this post! Once you get your first race out of the way, it's all cake from there on out. You'll always have those pre-race jitters, but that's normal! I'm excited to see what you think of your first half, I bet you'll get sucked in and keep doing them!

    That's what happened to me, and I used to HATE running long distances. Haha


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