Have I told you guys yet? I made it onto Pinterest. Can we come together now and mourn the loss of my productivity? Yes? Sounds good.


Dear, sweet productivity, you were so good to me. You helped me accomplish so many things. There was so much potential in you, and it's so sad that Pinterest had to cut you short. But I know you're safe and happy with all of the other productivities Pinterest has cut short. Your time here will not be taken for granted and was not in vain.

You will be missed.
pinterest. obviously.
But Pinterest is much more fun.
gaaaah pinterest.
Ok, now if you're on there, help contribute to mourn my loss of productivity by finding me here. Thanks.


  1. Cute post, I really like your writing style. Nice pics too, hope the mourning doesn't last too long.

    Just found your blog, following now. I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  2. I just requested an invite! Hope they accept me! Thanks for sharing, lady1

  3. pinterest is the best thing to ever happen to me! i can't wait to stalk you even more. :)

  4. Pinterest...I feel like I should jump on the bandwagon...Lovely blog you have here by the way.

  5. i don't get what is so cool about pinterest you should fill me in? well i will def. be looking at your sweet stuff {:


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