So I'm late to the blogging-about-the-Royal-Wedding party. Mah bee. But hey, it's never too late to ogle pictures of royalty, right? Alright, let's go.

So first, Kate's dress. I die. I think she's stunning to begin with, and that dress completely flattered her gorgeous figure. I die.
Plus, it's by Sarah Burton for the House of McQueen. I think she made a good choice in picking a British design house. Paying homage to Alexander McQueen got her big kudos in my book.

Her tiara was from Cartier, on loan from the Queen. Could you imagine going with the Queen and just picking out whichever tiara you wanted to wear for your wedding? I can't. I think I would pass out at the sight of so many diamonds.

Oh, and did you cry when William told her she was beautiful at the alter? Because I did. There's no shame in my game. This was a beautiful wedding.

And she had another Sarah Burton dress. Did you know this? For the party afterward. And it also looked completely, 100 percent stunning on her.
They call it her "disco dress." I WANT ONE!! I want a disco dress! ME ME ME. Damn. Girlfriend had an awesome day.

Oh, and aren't they just precious together?
Picture perfect day. Witnessed by over 2 billion people. No big deal. Kate didn't even break a sweat. Girlfriend's got it covered.


  1. oh good. i'm not the only one still completely obsessed.

  2. I feel like I would laugh at inappropriate times or forget to say "i do" or trip down the isle if that were me.. looks like I won't have that big of a wedding though, so I don't think I'll have to worry about it.

  3. Her waist looks sooooo tiny in both dresses, it's crazy! I am actually planning on doing a post tomorrow about the fabulous guest fashion, so no, you're definitely not too late to the party. ;)

  4. Ok. TOTAL barbie disney princess central. Right here. No fair :)

    That reception dress is kinda super amazing.

  5. She was so gorgeous. Is gorgeous. And I thought her sister's dress was stunning as well.

  6. i will never get tired of looking at these pictures. never, ever, ever. she is such a princess.


Oh, herro there.

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