Tomorrow's the big day, guys.
Tomorrow, I turn twenty-three.

Twenty-two has been a big year. I graduated college. I got my first, real, honest-to-goodness job doing something I love. I moved into my first apartment with the boyfriend. I bought furniture. I started learning how to cook. I quit the Gap.

I became better friends with my sister. I watched my little nuggets grow up right in front of my eyes. I took a lot of pictures. I started this baby blog. I cried. I laughed. I laughed until I cried. And I wrote.

I made new friends and became closer with others. I found myself (sort of).

And now it's time for a whole new year.
So what does twenty-three hold for me? I'm not too sure. So far on the horizon there's a wedding and a baby (neither of which are my own). There will be travelling. There will be exploring. And there will be love. There's always love.

Thanks, readers, for making twenty-two pretty amazing. And here's to another wonderful, magical and enlightening year.


  1. How exciting! Happy birthday. :)

  2. hey girl i hope you had a happy birthday! you will def. have to post about your big night {; did your man propose to you yet? hahah thanks for your sweet comment i will be replying to our ongoing e-mail shortly.

  3. I hope so many more fabulous things are waiting for you during your next year. Can't wait to continue to keep up with you here! :)


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