who doesn't like snail mail?

I'm a big fan of getting things in the mail. Especially when it's not junk mail. Because, you know, getting things that people actually intended to send to me make me feel all sorts of special and warm inside.

So imagine my surprise, excitement, sheer joy (etc...) when I saw that April over at april, maybe was hosting a pampered swap (hint: it was huge). I had to get in on it.

So here's the dealio, check it out, see if it suits your fancy and if you like the idea just follow her instructions. She'll pair each lovely blogger up with another equally lovely blogger, and you'll have a $25-$30 budget to buy some pampering gifts for your new friend. Bam. You get two weeks to get everything together and in the mail. Not too hard.

I think it'll be fun. Join me?
Maybe you and I will get paired up together :)

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  1. omg love this! it'd be easy for us..it would take like 5 minutes to get mailed to you since we are both Boston-ites :)

    im looking into this STAT!! thanks for sharing :)



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