animal video!

Friends, it's not very often that I will post on a Sunday. Usually, I'm busy doing important things. Like napping. Or coming up with creative ways to avoid my long runs. Or going to Trader Joe's to stock up on snacks.

But the boyfriend just showed me a great animal video. An armadillo. Desperately trying to get a drink of watah.
Poor little armadillo! Just trying to get some drinks!

Also, so this isn't entirely about animals, here's a website devoted to cupcakes. And cupcake recipes.

Yeah, you're drooling too, right? Thought so. You are welcome.

Also, Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful and loving fathers out there in the world. All of you ladies and gents who have a wonderful and loving father, you have no idea how lucky you are. You are truly blessed.


  1. That video is too cute! But it kind of makes me sad. Armadillo's are like the #1 roadkill animal, them and possums. :( lol
    Om nom nom, cupcakes! I miss baking. My job doesn't ever let me do anything fun. *pout*

  2. Ok, two things:

    1. I've never thought of armadillos as cute, but that little guys is positively precious.

    2. I have cupcakes sitting in my fridge as I type this. Why are they in my fridge and not in my tummy? Must. Fix. This. Now.

  3. Yes, I am drooling! I love cupcakes. That key lime pie one - right up my alley! It's my fav dessert. I may be trying to create that one!

  4. ahhh!!!! you're an angel. so many cupcakes in one place!!! it's like heaven.

  5. I'm so obsessed with cupcakes.. I equally love and hate you right now

  6. Oh. My. Gravy. I freaking LOVE armadillos. Cutest little darn things EVER!!! Poor baby was THIRSTY!!


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