awkward and awesome thursday

 - The video from two days ago. If you haven't seen it, here's your chance. Go. Laugh at me. Then come back here.
 - Running a bunch, being drenched in sweat, coming back to my apartment seeing my crazy downstairs neighbor on the porch, saying hello to her and having her blatantly just stare at my sweaty self. 'Nice to see you too. Why yes, that's my swack (back sweat) you're looking at as I go inside. Great.'
 - Getting a little too excited about getting an extra 10 cents back from the vending machine today when I got my chips. Whomp.

 - WE FOUND AN APARTMENT! And we're signing the lease tomorrow! It doesn't have a farmer's sink, but it's still pretty awesome :)
 - Pinterest. And when people I know get Pinterest. Productivity = all time low.
 - Kayaking on the Charles on Memorial Day with some fun friends. Minus my sunburnt arms. Sunburns aren't awesome at all.
 - That my best friend lives in Boston now, and we can meet up after work and get free froyo.
 - The babiest of baby doggies I played with on Monday.
 - Watermelon Ale from the Thomas Hooker Brewery. Sounds kind of gross, but trust me. It tastes delicious.
Tomorrow I've got a sweet recipe for you. Trust me. You'll love it.


  1. woah woah woah, free fro-yo? awesome! Congrats on finding a place. I know exactly how that goes as I'm entering the 7th circle of hell looking for a place with running water in NYC.

  2. I LOVE pinterest!!! Whenever I'm bored, I just pin away! Just followed you, so excited to see your inspiration :)

    And congrats on the apartment! It's always so thrilling to find a new home. Here's to great new memories to be made!

  3. That ale sounds DELICIOUS! And I like the fact that it has the word HOOKER written in huge letters on it. haha
    I wish I had some puppies to play with! Looks like fun. :)
    So glad you found an apartment!

  4. swack. omg. recycling that word fo sho. thanks for adding to my advanced vocabulary.

    pinterest is.awesome.

  5. fro yo?! watermelon ale?! i want!!!

  6. Oh, no! I can't stand it when I see people I know after I've run. It's one of my fears that I'll see an ex-fling after a particularly grueling run. But at least he'll know I'm active, right?!

  7. Pleeeeeeeease share pictures once you move in! I'd love to see it! That watermelon ale sounds delish. ;)


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