After awaking from my lactose-induced coma, I was happy. And things happened today that were marvelous and great, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Until friends, I came across this:
from here, first seen here
That's it, friends. We need to be happy. We need to begin to understand that life isn't about the things we have. Life isn't things. Life is happiness. And happiness never comes from things. It comes from ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with and instances in our life that keep happiness real.

So what makes me happy?
This guy.
This girl.
My family.

And my friends. There are too many pictures to choose from.

And summer days. And hazy nights. Rain storms. Lazy days. Laughter.

That's happiness.

What's happiness for you?


  1. All great reasons to be happy!

  2. yay for happiness.. I love that quote/story thingy... seems that's what they should be teaching kids.. not forcing them to figure out a profession at age 6..

  3. Happiness, to me, is taking the time to appreciate all the little tiny gifts that we are given on an hourly basis and forget about all the 'things'

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  5. Agh, I can't quite remember. Being at home, on top of this crazy job, sucks most of the happy out of me. I'll try to let you know when I remember!

  6. Everyone looks so happy - and I love that first quotes, definitely try to live my life around that.

    Happiness for me is a happy home. (:

  7. I dunno... THINGS make me pretty happy.

    Just kidding.

    Except not.



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