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Alright, so this has been trolling my mind for a few weeks now, and after coming up with nothing myself, I've decided to come to you, my beautiful and wonderfully stylish readers, to help me come up with a solution.

It seems really dumb. A simple fix, really. But for some reason, I'm having a difficult time finding these closet staples. You see, I need black flats.

You'd think I'd have a pair ready and rarin' to go. But I don't.

I'm going to be a part of a conference in July (in Chicago!! Woot woot!), and I have a uniform of sorts to wear so attendees know they can ask me questions and I will (hopefully) have answers. So I have to wear these black polo shirts (blaaah), khaki pants and black shoes. Since I'll be standing all day, I want them to be flats. But I want them to be shoes I'll want to wear again and again.

Now, if I had unlimited amounts of money, I'd be rocking a pair of these cuties:
Because, really, what's cuter than Tory Burch flats? But I do not have $200 to drop on shoes right now (or ever...).

So ladies, tell me, where have you found your most comfortable and adorable black flats? Send me the link if you can. I'd like to stay under $100, but if it's truetruetrue quality I may be able to splurge a little bit. But remember, I'll be standing/walking around all day, so I want my tootsies to be cozy comfy in these shoes.

Please, help a sistah out.


  1. you should check out :) you choose the style, color, and price range you want for just about any shoe!

  2. Gap City flats are my go-to! They're normally around the $40 mark and are comfortable.
    Although I will say TB is worth the splurge.

  3. Target. That's where I get all of my flats. $20 and under. Fab.

  4. Oh my gosh I wish I knew. I don't have a pair of black flats, either, but I want some! Need some!
    So I'll be checking out what others suggest, too :)

  5. I normally just go to Shoe Carnival or Shoe Dept if I need something specific. I don't ever really buy shoes online either. Blegh! Not much help, sorry! But I'm just a big fan of trying shoes on. If they're not comfortable in the store, I'll never wear them.

  6. I agree with the other comment, Gap City Flats are my go-to flat shoe!

  7. Do you have a Famous Footwear near you? I always find great cheap shoes there... sometimes you can get a pair of Madden GIRL flats for even cheaper than the regular kind!

  8. Well, my most comfy black flats I ordered are really cute, but the secret is that they're actually comfy slippers from! So they might not be dressy enough for your business-casual look since the material is kinda velvety... sooo comfortable though and a cute design!

  9. I adore Tahari flats, especially ones with elastic around the top. They're expensive, but they often pop up at discount stores (TJs, DSW, Filene's) for much much cheaper. I have found the elastic around the top makes any flats more comfortable. Good luck! :)


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