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Today, friends, was a big big day. Today was the Scooper Bowl. That's right. The Scooper Bowl.
sweater: j.crew jackie cardigan | top: gap | jeans: gap skinnies
What exactly is the Scooper Bowl, you ask? Good question. It's an all-you-can-eat ice cream festival in Boston to raise money for The Jimmy Fund.

And, for us friendly lactose intolerant fans, there's even all-you-can-eat frozen yogurt AND sorbet. Yeah. It's a pretty big deal.
So when the date started approaching, my newly Bostonian best friend and I agreed that this was something we needed to attend.

I ate quite a bit of ice cream. And subsequently held my tummy with a tummy ache. But it was SO good. And it was fun to do something different on such a beautiful day. And there were some delicious flavors.

Things you should probably go try:
ciao bella mango sorbet
Delicious and refreshing.
ben & jerry's bonnaroo buzz
Pure delicious.

So do yourself a favor and go ahead and try those flavors.

What's your favorite kind of ice cream? Or frozen yogurt? Or sorbet?


  1. omg!!! no way! this sounds awesome, and for such a great cause! I'd like some of that mango right now, please.

    PS: I like your short hair! I know you said you miss long hair, but short is so summery and low-maintenance, aka AWESOME. :)

  2. just another reason to move to boston... orrrr eat a lot of ice cream tonight

  3. when it comes to ice cream, i don't discriminate, seriously. however i have a few favorites:
    mint choco chip
    cookies and cream
    choco chip cookie dough

    ciao bella is my favorite for sorbet and gelato!

  4. ahhh...I love ciao bella! Thanks for reminding me that my freezer is empty.

  5. Im going tonight! I cant wait :) Bonnaroo Buzz sounds fantastical.

  6. ahh the Scooper Bowl, of course! Gah, Boston you have it all. Glad you enjoyed!!

  7. an ice cream festival?! why isn't there one in my town? and to answer our question, my favorite is frozen yogurt :)

  8. I LIVE for pistachio gelato. The Jimmy Fallon B & J is absolutely amazing, too. :)


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