Last night the boyfriend and I caught the end of an episode of Planet Earth. You know, that cool show all about that planet we live on? This one was on the Arctic and all of the animals who live there. Like polar bears. And penguins.

Now, we all know my favorite animal is a panda. But I must say, penguins are pretty awesome too. They live in the coldest climates in the world. They walk FOREVER to get food. They sing songs to each other to find a mate. And they're pretty darn cute.
Plus, the men take care of the baby eggs while the women go off into the wild to get food. Pretttttty cool.
And, on a somewhat similar (but mostly unrelated) note, here's one of my favorite animal videos of all time (you should probably watch the whole thing):
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Aww pengys are too cute! They are mine and my boys favourite animals and we judge zoo's by if they have them or not - we've got that extreme! I'd love to go to the Galapagos islands to see them in the wild - would be so amazing x

  2. This post made me love you just a little bit more! I love Planet Earth so much! I have one disc on DVD (from a friend for my birthday) and we definitely have watched each episode on it like 3 times. haha

  3. I loooooove that the male penguins are the nesters, and the females hunt for food -- what a different culture than ours :)

    Also, imagine if we all just sang songs to each other to find a mate... ADORABLE. It's like living life in the show Glee haha


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