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Even though it's not officially summer, it feels like it. Work is slowing down (to an extent...it won't stay that way for long), and weekend adventures are starting to book up. And soon, before I know it, summer will be ending and I'll have to start packing for our move. So I'm going to savor these summertime moments while they last.

I've started training for my half marathon, and though I'm not being the most strict with my schedule, I feel like I'm making progress. I'm not looking for a fantastic time here. I'm just looking to finish this thing running (possibly crawling). Once I start getting more into the long runs, I'll talk about how I'm feeling with it. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good about the race, except for the humidity. But I'll deal with it as it comes.

This weekend was fun, busy, calm and relaxing all rolled into one. I saw the same 80s cover band not once, but twice. And only one time was intentional. It was fun to forget about the craziness of life for a little bit and just get my boogie on. We all know I like to boogie.

We went to the Barking Crab in the Seaport District to celebrate some birthday lovin'. Delicious seafood, delicious beer. It was a great meal.
birthday girl.
b and i own all of the same articles of clothing. her blazer. my shirt.
And I want to give a big thank you to my lovely readers who gave me suggestions for black flats last week! Seriously, you're all the best. I ended up buying two pairs this weekend. I originally bought the Gap Bow City Flat and figured I'd hold onto them and keep looking for another pair. I've worn them twice, and I must say they're pretty awesome.
But then I stumbled across the Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Flat, and I knew they had to be mine.
It's love. But thank you all for your lovely suggestions! And one day, I will splurge on the TB flats. Because who can live without some Tory lovin'? Not this girl :)


  1. OOh these flats are SO cute, I would definitely wear these becasue I have to walk to work and they look really comfortable. Great post and I'm glad u had a nice weekend


  2. flats i get. marathon..i dont.

  3. Today, I wanted to track down Tory Burch and punch her in the face. My feet were killing me in my flats! My GAP flats that I got on sale for $9.95 are more comfortable!

  4. I like both those pairs of flats! Good basic staples! :)
    Looks like you had fun this weekend!

  5. they really ARE perfect. buy them, tell me how you like them and then i'll copy you!

  6. you are a bad ass. I dare not even attempt a half marathon.

    also. watching the bruins game. and thinking of you.

  7. That is awesome you are training for a half marathon! Would love to do one someday. I am starting back at square one after just having the baby:)
    LOVE the flats you found!

  8. Glad you went with the Gap Cities! They are my faves for work (and keeping in my glove box for days I wear heels {giggle})

  9. I am a huge fan of the gap city flats. Especially since they come in a little pouch and I can carry them everywhere with me. Your weekend sounds like it was awesome, particularly the seafood part!


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