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Sometimes I find things on the Interwebz, and I can't not share them with the people in my life. It would be a crime to deprive people of so many good nuggets of...things. So what better way to share these things than on my blog?
The weekend is upon us. This week has felt extra long for me, so I'm super thankful that it's finally time to kick back and relax. What's on tap? An 80s cover band, time with my mamabear and (hopefully) some delicious fried seafood.

What do you have planned for this weekend? Anything fun? Any visits to the sea (or, you know, beach)?

Happy weekend, all.



  1. This week flew by for me, but my Friday went by ultra slow!
    I have no real plans, but I get to spend time with my new boyfriend and you know how exciting it is to spend time in the beginning of a relationship.
    Thats the good stuff :p

  2. Oh I love that quote and the photos. Gorgeous.

  3. That is a beautiful picture and quote! I really love it. :) Too bad I'm deathly afraid of (swimming in) the ocean. Or, drowing in it, more specifically. Oh, and jelly fish. I was stung once. I'm a little traumatized.

    Anyway! No big plans for me. Matthew is at the ranch, and I'm getting some blessed alone time. We need that sometimes! :)

  4. Since where I work is open 6 days a week, and I only work 5, I usually try to break it all up so I'm not working 5 days in a row. . . but that also means I don't get a real weekend, I just get days off. I'm working tomorrow, but I was off Thursday. I went and saw the Hangover II! It was pretty good. I think Sunday I'm going to just spend it outside around the pool. :)

  5. I'm thankful for the weekend too, Alexandria! I have been busy studying for my GRE (grad school test) and am taking it this upcoming Friday. I'm dreading it, but looking forward to getting it over with.

    This weekend I plan on taking a slight break from studying, and then getting back after it on Monday. Ughhh just thinking about it makes me squirm inside!

    Enjoy your weekend, lady!

  6. i didn't have any big plans this weekend, but luckily my week went to by suuuuper fast, so I just relaxed.

  7. Love this image & little poem. e.e. cummings was one of my favorites back in the day -- I really was obsessed with him and had a huge crush.

    hope you enjoy time with your mom :)

  8. sounds like such a fun weekend. and the seafood sounds like a dream come true.


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