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Have you ever thought about something really random, had a funny thought process about it and then forgot about it a minute later? The folks over at The Thought Catalog feel you. Except they wrote out what you were thinking. In the funniest way possible.

With titles like "A Guide To Dressing Like A Liberal Arts College Student" it's hard not to convulse in laughter. And they post stuff like this multiple times a day. So you can get your fill of laughter and awesome essays a few times every single day.

Here's an excerpt so you understand why I'm so obsessed:
From Five Things They Lie To You About In High School...
5. “The best four years of your life.” Puh-leaze! What kind of “life” is going to six hours of classes all day? Wearing braces? Doing homework? Sneaking booze? Asking permission to urinate? Real life starts after high school, when you’re free to stay out past 2am, wake up in a strangers bed and still expect a paycheck the following week. You can do anything and you don’t have to tell anyone! You can be whoever you want to be and no reputation can hold you down. Listen, you could have been the biggest dweeb in your school but when you and your financial advisor want to talk about diversifying your portfolio, you’re not going to be eating your pudding cup alone in the cafeteria anymore. Throw that graduation cap high and never look back. 
Yep. Get there. Now.

Oh, and my other latest obsession? I want to be her! Yeah. Here's why:
{here - with notes}
Inspiration for miles...

Have you found any sites that have blown your mind recently?


  1. This is going to sound weird, especially since i'm a blogger, but since I have an addictive personality i try not to find "sites". Since i know i'll waste hours upon hours on them and turn into a crazy woman who hasn't showered in weeks!

  2. Too funny! I'm checking this site out now! :)

  3. I could basically look at I want to be her! all day. I've already been through them all once, but I think I'm going to look at them all again! haha


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