wedding weekend: part I

The wedding weekend goodtimes started on Friday with the rehearsal. The weather looked ominous all afternoon, and we all suspected that it was going to pour. But we all reassured S that the rain would not ruin her special day. As we arrived at the Simsbury Inn, the sky was grey and the air it was going to rain.

Just as the rehearsal was supposed to begin, the rain started pouring. Thankfully, the wedding planner had a backup plan and they rehearsed in a small room inside the Inn. I wasn't originally going to be in the room for the rehearsal, but they pulled me in at the last second to take some photos. And boy, am I glad they did.
It was fun to watch that special time.

Sadly, I didn't get a single photo of what I wore to the rehearsal on my camera. Hopefully one will turn up eventually so I can show you guys. But S's dress is Lilly Pulitzer, for those wondering. The yellow version isn't available online, but you can check out a white version and pink version here.

OH! And for those who loved her manicure (see this post), it's Fiji by Essie. I'm about to go and by myself a bottle, and you probably should too.

And, for good measure, here's a picture of the siblings from the rehearsal dinner:
Aren't they precious?

Up next: wedding day!


  1. Oh, look how bashful the groom looks during the rehearsal! Those are such honest pictures.

  2. Love the dress, LOVE the wedding dress, the ring is amazing. She was a beautiful bride.

  3. Love this! I do adore this yellow. ;)

  4. What a cute couple!!! Can't wait to see the wedding! :)

  5. Cant wait to see the wedding pictures... and FIJI is my favorite pale mani color!

  6. beautiful the dress....

  7. Love her dress - yellow is such a good color on her!!


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