wedding weekend: part II

The actual wedding day started out beautifully. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky when I woke up (at 7 a.m., don't ask). I went for a six mile run to start the day. It felt good. We switched hotels in the morning, so we could get ready at the Simsbury Inn. And it was quite the adorable little Inn.
well hello california king sized bed.
The ceremony started at 4:30, and while it was a bit warm, it was better than having rain. Here's a (small) selection of the best photos of the ceremony.
boyfriend and momma! 
first sight of S.
It was a beautiful ceremony. There were lots of tears shed (including from me. What can I say? I'm very emotional.). Everything was perfect from my perspective. It was really lovely to see two people so very much in love with each other declaring it to the world. They're so happy together, and while I was going back through the photos and editing a bit I remembered it all over again.

Truly, a stunning ceremony.

Next up: after the wedding and the reception!


  1. Witnessing a marriage of two people ready to commit their lives to each other never gets old!
    Beautiful bride:)

  2. Looks like a gorgeous wedding!

  3. The most beautiful thing in these photos, to me, is that amazing looking bed. CAN I SLEEP THERE? lol

  4. i'm a new follower! love your blog! super cute! and i love that post that you and a fellow blogger swapped snail mail! CUTE IDEA!

  5. I'm kind of in love with the bridesmaid's dress. Also, I'm writing your letter TODAY and hopefully getting it in the mail TOMORROW! Woot, woot.


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