wedding weekend: part III

Here's the last (sadly) of the wedding weekend photos. I creeped in on the professional photography session after the ceremony and took some pictures of people getting the picture taken. Weird? Probably. Gorgeous photos? Definitely.
with the mil :) 
wedding party.
Really. Gorgeous. I honestly can't wait for the professional pictures to come back just to see all of that beautifulness.

Oh, and then it was time to get our dance on at the reception! Oh, but first, check out the table decorations:
 Beautiful. And then it was time for the wedding party to come in and the bride and groom's first dance.
 Oh, and  the cake? Guinness chocolate cake. BAM. Gorgeous and delicious.
 And then some loving and cake cutting.
Oh, and there was dancing.
It was everything you'd ever want in a wedding.

And now I'm done with the wedding posts.

Until the professional photos come in, that is :)


  1. Were you up in a tree or something taking those photos? :)

  2. The angle of those photos is really cool. These are great pics, very pretty and it looks like it was a fun wedding.


  3. I just love how they're not looking at anybody but each other...exactly as it should be on your wedding day. So great.

  4. Looks like such a beautiful wedding.. I love the navy/yello combo, so fresh.

  5. The MIL definitely went the fun non-matronly look! Love her courage! ;)

    I could look at wedding pictures all-day-long. Thanks for sharing, as always. XOXO

  6. OMG all of your wedding posts make me wish I had weddings to go to this summer! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) for me, none of my friends are ready yet... darn it.


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