Oh my goodness. You guys. My half marathon is so soon. I got the final map of my route today in my inbox and the reality set in: On August 7, I will be running 13.1 miles.

So how do I feel about the race? Absolutely, 100 percent terrified. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to finish. I've been pretty hard on myself the past few runs. I've mentally scolded myself for not being able to run as far as I want in the heat. I'm afraid that I won't finish the race running.

I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself with this race. I'm not doing this for time. I'm doing this to prove to myself that I can do it. I'm losing the feeling of relaxation when I run. I'm losing the stillness in my mind.

I think I need to stop thinking about the 13.1 so much. Just run. Feel a burn in my legs. A good burn. A burn that tells me I'm doing something amazing with my body.

Sorry for my rambling. Sometimes there's a lot of pent-up nonsense in my mind that I sometimes need to word vomit out onto this screen.

Anyone got any good running inspiration? Or any good inspiration period? I'm curious to see what inspires you all to keep going (or, in my case, running).


  1. You're amazing! I can't even do 2 miles without having to stop and walk a bunch of times. I know you will do it, and you'll finish, and even if you don't - good for you for trying, a half marathon is huge!

  2. The best piece of advice I was ever given when running my first marathon was to just relax and run. You've already done all the hard work (the training), race day is the easy part. You'll do GREAT! I know it. Let me know if you want some pre-race advice! :)

  3. My sister just ran her first half-marathon a few weeks ago.. and she said that though it was the hardest run she had done up to that point.. it was also the very best.

    You'll feel amazing afterwards.. proud and victorious.. and I know you can do it!

    So be positive, know you're doing it for you.. and have fun!

    ok.. that was sort of cheesy. but whatevs. i heart you.

  4. im doing a half in december! seriously dont worry about it! if you have to walk then walk! in the end, time doesnt matter! Just have fun with it and pace yourself! It's going to be hard in the heat but stay hydrated!! It may also help if you use energy gel packs! I use the gel blocks, but i would try it before the actual race to see how it does with your stomach because it messes up some people!
    Good luck! i cant wait to see how it turns out for you!!

  5. Well, I'm no runner. I look like an insane chicken when I try to run. People point and laugh. But Kyle's sister, the Amazon, is a marathon runner/athlete extraordinaire. I remember how hard she was on herself when she decided to run her first marathon (which, by the way, was at an altitude of 9,000 FEET above sea level). She really put a lot of strain on her emotional health because she just didn't think she could ever be good enough. So I guess my advice is to show yourself some love while you're pushing yourself for a better time! A professor told me recently that progress is in iches, not feet.

    Love you!!!


  6. Um, that would be INCHES. Not iches. Lol. I can type.

  7. You are brave - I cant even run 5 minutes indoors and I'm dying to stop. I wish I could run. Maybe one day I will push myself and do it.

  8. You can do it!! I would love to run a half someday. Wishing you happy training!!

  9. how exciting!! i ran my first half marathon last february and i remember thinking the exact same things and having the same fears. i had never really considered myself a "runner", but some how i finished - and it felt great! you can totally do this and you will rock!! just don't skimp on your training and you will be fine. good luck!!

    you can check out some of my posts about my big race (just look under label running), hopefully you can find some of it inspiring! :)

  10. you will totally be able to run the 13.1 and love it when you're done! you should check out a few of my posts where I talk about my first 2 half marathons and how i've since signed up for 2 more....i'm now hooked :)


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