childhood thingz

You know how there are things from your childhood that make you nostalgic? A certain smell. A food. A place.

For me, it's merry-go-rounds. I. Love. Merry-go-rounds.

This past weekend I stumbled upon one, and...well...I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride it. So I caught eyes with my friend Royer. And we both decided the best thing we could ever do on a hot Boston Saturday afternoon was ride a merry-go-round.

Heck. YEAH.

amurica joy.
meet our horses: john f. kennedy and jackie kennedy. i rode JFK.
so much happiness. 
we were definitely the oldest riders. by a solid 20 years.
Probably one of the better three dollars I've spent in recent history.

What makes you nostalgic?


  1. there truly is nothing better than a good old fashioned merry-go-round ride.
    also, i feel like you would enjoy this.

  2. You know the swings? Not the kind at the playground, but the kind that propel you in the air, around in a circle? Those make me think I've died and gone to heaven!

  3. $3?! It's still a dollar at the mall where I go. I love them, too! I try to jump on one at least once a year. ;) Sawdust does that for me though. We built my house when I was little and I loved the smell.

  4. just when I think I can't love you anymore...

  5. How fun! I seriously cannot remember the last time I was on a Carousal, sad huh? If I see one I will need to pause and have fun for 5 minutes!

  6. Merry-go-rounds are awesome! I would've done the very same thing. One thing that makes me feel nostalgic is the sound of the ice cream truck as it's headed down the streets in NY. I've noticed that ice cream trucks play different songs in different states... but the none compare to the NY ice cream song ,in my heart that is. =)

  7. I saw an engagement shoot on a carousel once and I've been obsessed with the idea ever since. This looks so fun! :)


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