I've been trying to find a way to explain why I feel sad sometimes, but I haven't been able to find the right words. Thankfully, today, I found the words. They were written by someone else, but still, they fit.
I dont want to be sad. But I am having frequent moments. 
Im waiting to get so annoyed with my sadness that I snap out of it. 
But sometimes its like do I think that I am supposed to be sad, and thats why I am sad… or am i really kinda sad? 
I have a lot of people around me right now saying… 
Oh shes lost. Shes got some healing to do. What happend to the girl I met. 
Shes in here. Shes just exploring..her sadness. Her lost-ness. Her unself ness. which is very much myself. Gotta have the one to have the other right? 
Anyhow, yes I got it. I am kinda not “my self” these days. 
But, I suppose that shit happens when something big in your life dissolves. On a dime. Unexpected. 
Its easy to feel guilty. 
Did I do something wrong? Did I loose my charm? Did i get unpretty? Did I get un witty? Did I get untalented? Did I not love enough? Listen good enough? Was I not a good friend?
Yeah yea, I know its all perfect. And it all happens for the best. 
But I think Im just gonna let myself feel for a minute, and not try to figure out why it happened…or act like Im all good and have it together…cause i dont. 
The only place I seem to be happy is in the ocean. 
Guess its good to know Im still human. 
- Tristan Prettyman, Ice Cream Is Better With A Fork
She's got it. Spot. On.


  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. Hope you're doing okay. Sometimes I think the permission to be sad is a part of being kind to ourselves. Glad you're finding your way through that.

  2. thank you for finding the words to something that is so hard to explain.

  3. i agree with this. whenever i am sad or feeling different... i just have to sit back and let myself feel that way, it hurts sometimes but you can't get through it unless you really let yourself be and experience the sadness.

    i'm so happy you posted this.

  4. If I could give you a huge hug right now... I would. Definitely.


    I think it's really great to let yourself feel and be human. It's important, necessary.. and it allows us to grow stronger on the other end of things..

  5. Just give it time. Every one goes through rough patches. You always come out strong in the end! :) Take the time you need you reflect on your life and where you are, and then you'll realize that you're not so sad after all.

    Found your blog from Natalie's wishful nals. Great post today!



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