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Did I ever tell you guys about the time I took all of my friends to Dim Sum for some quality family time? No? Good. I have something to blog about today (I kid, I kid).

Over Fourth of July weekend, we planned lots of activities to keep us busy and having fun. So besides riding a merry-go-round and making a fool out of myself, I also stuffed my face with delicious Chinese food with a whole bunch of friends.

Most of my friends hadn't been to Dim Sum before, save for a small handful. So it was really fun to introduce this huge part of my life and my culture to some people who are pretty important to me.
our huge table, courtesy of my friend kevin.
Let's ignore my blinking face and focus on the eating style. There were a whopping twelve people at this brunch. We sit in circle tables at Dim Sum, or square tables if you have four or less people. You have the chance to see everyone's face while you eat. You share all of your food. You catch up on life. It's really our version of family dinner.

Plus, the food is delicious and it only cost us $10 a person to eat. BAM.

Also, Kevin caught a really good picture of me dancing in the middle of the street.
top: gap | shorts: gap | bright orange bag: kate spade
We're looking for new kinds of food to try where we could get the same "family dinner" atmosphere. Any recommendations?


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun--and how fun to be able to see each other's faces!

  2. This post made me incredibly hungry. And it's after 10. So I can't really go ordering food.

    Thanks for nothing! ;)

  3. oh my goodness how fun! That's so neat that you took everyone there :D

  4. Italian! Not that that's particularly original, but I love Italian food served family style. I'm sure there are lots of local restaurants that are better but Buca di Beppo is a good chain, family style place. I've only done Dim Sum once when we were in Chinatown, SF and it was really fun except I didn't know exactly what I was eating and I didn't know who to ask so I did a lot of guessing! :) How about you take me so you can explain everything to me? Lol.

  5. I agree on Italian. Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai is always going to be accommodating and pretty cheap. If you were in NY, I could recommend a thousand places!


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