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Today, friends, you're in for quite the treat! Jenni was one of the first blog friends I made once I started getting my baby blog up and going. I was instantly smitten with her beautiful blog, her Texas beauty queen good looks and her hilarious tales. Oh, you already know her? Then you know how amazing she is. Oh, you don't know her? You probably should. Meet Jenni!
'ello there!  

Jenni here, from Story of My Life.  Pleasure to make your aqcuaintance! :)

(In the spirit of traveling and trips, the above pic is me on a train to Machu Picchu in Peru!)

Alex suggested I talk to you a little about the way I pack for traveling, and I was aaaall over that idea.  Why?  Because I'm the weirdest packer ever.  Folks, I stress to the MAX over packing, despite the fact that I've typed and printed myself a detailed "to pack" list so I don't forget anything.  See?
OCD? Maybe.  But it helps.

So yes.  I wrote that very detailed "to pack" list many months ago, and I would be lost without it.  And yet, I still freak out when it comes time to pack!  Much to my husband's dismay, I spend hours in the closet trying on outfits, complete with shoes and accessories, and either writing down what goes with what or snapping a phone picture of it... so I don't get confused and forget while on the trip.

Are you convinced that I'm crazy yet?

Not so fast, friends!

I also break out in an itchy stress rash on my hands every. single. time. I pack and travel.  It's awesome!  Sort of looks like what I imagine leprosy looks like.  Sexy, eh?

So basically, I have ZERO packing tips for you.  It would feel sort of hypocritical and wrong to claim I have it together when it comes to packing.  I DO, however, recommend the To Pack list.  

There, see?  Not a completely pointless post. 

Thanks for having me over, Alex! :)

Isn't she the greatest? She's the best. Thanks for babysitting my baby bloggy while I'm gone girlfraaan :) What are you waiting for? Go visit Story of My Life now!


  1. I was the same way! I make a list depending on where I'm going and how long I will be there. Then I put together an outfit for each day plus an "extra", like a sweatpants outfit, or just in case my clothes get dirty.

    Then, I lay out my outfits from shoes to accessories, and put the clothes for that outfit in a giant ziplock freezer bag, the accessories in a smaller sandwhich bag inside of the larger bag, and write the day its for on the large bag in black sharpie. Then I put a sticky note on the shoes that go with that outfit, and match the same number up to it. That way when I get there, everything I need for the day is inside of that large bag numbered by the day and there is NO guess work.

  2. I always start my list and block off two outfits per day (hopefully with some overlap so I don't have to pack too too many things) way in advance, but I can NEVER be finished until I'm almost on my way out the door!

  3. Yeah, Jenni. You ARE crazy. Nooooo surprises there...;)


  4. I definitely have a packing list I use!! Makes things so much easier. I also made one for my boyfriend so he doesn't forget the little things. However, I absolutely DO NOT do the packing for him ha

  5. i'm an ocd packer too! but i always forget something!

  6. I always get SO excited to start making my packing list. I'm a total nerd. Now I'm going to start trying on the outfits in advance AND snapping pictures. Why not? Excited to be a new follower :)

  7. Thanks again for having me, Alex!! And for the sweet intro. You're the best. :)

  8. hi Alexandria, just over from Jenni's space and love this post totala!!! girl, your Peru trip taught me many lessons, including how precious free air is to inhale ; ) you & I are incredibly similar when it comes to packing. i usually start with insp photos of outfits from blog ladies i YOU! and then work them into outfits, i actually pack images of the put-togethers. so nuts right? i hear you loud and clear and am on this tip till the ends of the earth.

    i also see lint roller on that list, good point! cheers on this combo of swells. you girls are great together too. ♥


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