the low car diet

So today's my last day in Chicago. I'm flying home tonight, and I'll be back on the regular blogging schedule soon (do I actually have a blogging schedule? Don't answer that). But I couldn't wait any longer to let you guys in on my BIG news.

I've been selected to participate in Zipcar's Low-Car Diet 2011! They've selected three people from their 13 cities to give up their cars for a month, and I'm one of the Boston participants. I'm saying goodbye to Charlotte the Chevy for a month, and I'm going to rely on the T, the bus, a bike (if I ever learn how to ride one...) and my own two legs to get around for the next month. If I have a longer trip (like to Providence for my half marathon), I will be taking a Zipcar.
I'm a little bit nervous. I know I rely heavily on my car, but I know it's kind of dumb and pointless when I live in a city with an excellent source of public transportation. I'm also beyond scared to learn to ride a bike. What a pathetic 23-year-old I am.

So get excited guys. I'll be blogging, tweeting, taking photos and vlogging through this adventure. I know myself and the rest of the Boston participants would love to have your support during this awesome experience.


  1. wow good luck! I would love to give up my car but sadly I am out in suburba!

  2. YOU TWEET?! Following. :)
    This is really cool and I'm so happy to hear you're participating. I miss being in Europe with all their amazing transportation!

  3. yeah, i need to get ANOTHER bike lock so i can get back on my wheels. i'm excited to hear how this works out for you!

  4. whoa. i just read this.. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

    I wish I could do this too.. LA is the worst for public transportation though.. the worst. I lived here for a year and a half before getting a car and it was a nightmare.

    also, I hope you meet strange people.. and then tell me about them.

  5. I'm interested to hear how it goes! I walk to work but for my weekly grocery/ library trips I'd have a hard time carrying as much as I usually get with me!


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