#lowcardiet: day one

Today was the first day of Zipcar's Low-Car Diet. I was mildly nervous about embarking on a day without my car, especially since I've only ever driven to work. My office is about two miles from home, so I probably shouldn't complain. But last night, as I searched high and low for a bus route to get me from my apartment to the office, my mind was blown. There are very few buses running in West Newton. Actually, there are NONE to get me from the apartment to the office.

So I did what any resourceful girl would do: I walked. It took me about 35 minutes, and I wore jeans like an idiot (mostly because it's freezing in my office), but I still made it. And I wasn't terribly sweaty! I'll call it a success.

Since I wanted to run tonight and it was raining, I carpooled it home. Two miles walking plus two miles running equals an awesome day. I'm currently on the hunt for a bike so I can finally learn how to ride one. It's been about 15 years since I was last on a bike, and that ended with me nearly drowning in a lake. It's a really long story, and highly embarrassing at that. I think I embarrass myself enough on this blog. But it's high time for me to learn how to ride a bike.

So keep your fingers crossed that I can find a bike on the cheap on Craigslist and that I can safely learn how to ride it! Or if you know someone selling a bike in the Boston area, please let me know.

No really, keep your fingers crossed.

Because, really, I want to look like this girl:


  1. Good luck and well done. Not a bad start to the challenge.

  2. yes, you should totally get a bike!!!!! wal mart has relatively cheap ones!!
    good luck on your endeavor!

  3. You go girl! My hubby bikes to work sometimes, it's about 10 miles. I always feel like such a lazy bum driving everywhere, so I try and walk a lot. Key word: try:-) My excuse is that I don't live in Europe, (bad excuse). xoxo

  4. ive never heard of the low car diet!! thats so cool!

    i worked in the city while living in allston at one time and the walk to the train was about 1.5 miles. at first i HHAAATED the walk (esp cuz of summer) but then i noticed my legs were toner! so it was great!!

    i hope you find a wicked cute bike!


  5. I think you'll be fine on a bike. Just don't try any wheelies or anything nuts with the handlebar.

  6. You will definitely look like that girl and I can't wait to see it! You can do it. Again, so proud of you!!! And still hoping that doesn't sound condescending. ;)

  7. Haha I have no idea how to ride a bike either!!! Although it has to be one of my dreams to ride on one with a little wicker basket in front filled with fresh flowers and a good read :)
    So, pretty much like that picture too! Haha. Good luck! :)

    <3 Belly B

  8. That's such a cool idea!

    PS: Um, you're totally hotter than that girl.

  9. please get a bike! it's the best thing that will ever happen! because of you, i want to ride/walk everywhere too. aand if a car is needed, i definitely won't be the one driving. bahahahaha.

  10. Riding a bike = almost drowning in a lake?? Oh, Alex. This is why I love you.I'd like to hear that story one day! :)

    Good luck on the lowcardiet, girlfran!

  11. What a cool idea! Sadly, I don't think I could do much without a car, as I'm not in a big urban area. Can't wait to hear all about your experiences. (And yes, I wish I looked that awesome on a bike as well.)


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