#lowcardiet: day three

We're a few days into my Low-Car Diet, and I'm feeling awesome without my car! My two-mile walks to and from work are feeling pretty good, so I'm really starting to enjoy myself. I went to the bike shop today to check out some new bikes, and may have found "the one," but we'll see. I never knew that bikes were so expensive! So here's my question for you guys: do you think it's worth it to spend money on a bike, or try to save some dollars and get one off Craigslist? Fire away in the comments.

I took my first Ziptrip yesterday to the Zipcar offices in Boston to pick up some of my swag (Swag! Stuff we all get!...thanks, Michael Scott). I got spoiled. SO spoiled. And I can't wait to make use of everything.

Thanks to all of the kick-ass sponsors: Whole Foods, Boloco, Urban AdvenTours, Pop Chips, LogMeIn, Hubway, Zevia, Honest Tea, New Balance, Jabra and Boston Sports Club. Phew. Did I forget anyone? I sure hope not.

I'll be giving updates (and maybe some product reviews?) as I start using/eating/drinking some of this stuff :)

And, you know, I can't not show you funny YouTube videos. So here's one about honey badgers (honey badger don't care). Warning: profanity.



  1. well hello swag! sweet deal!

    For the bike: it might not be a bad idea to just browse around craigslist and see what's available.. you never know. But if you're endlessly searching, you might as well go for the one you want. It's not like it won't get your money's worth...

  2. Craigslist unless your heart is set on something. Even then, you can go craigslist and then buy some baller bike accessories (custom handlebars, a pink seat, a horn, underglow lights) with the money you save.
    If you spend more $ than you're comfortable with and something happens to the bike it'd be very sad.

  3. what is the point of me being lowcar if i don't get sweet swag like that? whhhhhhhhhat!?

  4. Suh-weet Swag!! Thanks for taking us along on your journey. I'm enjoying the posts :)

  5. LOL. That video...

    I guess if it were me, I'd get a cheaper bike off of Craigslist and then if I kept riding after a few months, I would invest in a really good bike. But sometimes it's hard for me, personally, to stick to goals so I wouldn't want to make an impulse buy and then never use the bike. I have a feeling you will totally be keeping your low-car diet just fine!

  6. My son went to Dispatch at the Gahden recently, too.

    And I've been in those Fenway seats with your mother. That's why I heart Tim and I barely know him.

  7. Craigslist for sure. Unless you're trying to make it to the tour next year, any bike you find on craigslist that goes and stops will get the job done.


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