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Another installment! Installments 1, 2 and 3.


I've been in the process of reading Three Cups of Tea for ages now. It's a great book, I'm just having trouble finding time to sit down and read. I'm going to hopefully bang out a lot of it this weekend. Have any of you read it?
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I also read a lot of magazines during the month, but my absolute favorite will always and forever be Marie Claire. Fashion and interesting (and wonderfully written) stories? Pure perfection.

Teen Mom. Don't judge me. I love the drama. And the babies. The babies are really the best part. Ok, so I'm lying. The drama is the best part, but the babies are a very close second. This is the one show I will actually stay awake to watch the first time it airs. Also, I need something to suffice me since Gossip Girl isn't on right now.

Listening to.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. How did I live before this music? Seriously.

Sidenote: this is my 200th post here on my baby blog. Sweet baby Jesus, how time flies :) Happy 200th post bloggy!


  1. awww!! happy 200th post!!! how exciting!! teen mom is good because of the drama. i've been disappointed/haven't really gotten into the newer seasons of teen mom or 16 & pregnant because the first has been the best. speaking of drama, do you watch the jersey shore? hahaha

  2. Man, I love Teen Mom - total guilty pleasure! I was a fan of Greg Mortenson too, until this story came out about him: It's pretty astounding.

  3. jennifer aniston looks gorgeous on the cover. she's one of my girl crushes-- we saw "horrible bosses" yesterday and it was HI-LARIOUS!!!

    i discovered Grace Potter & The Nocturnals thanks to my college gf jessie a few months ago.. AMAZING.

    happy 200th post!!!

  4. EEEFFFFFF! Teen mom is on! Can you slap my boyfriend for not letting me have cable, please? Guess what I'll be doing at work today?

    Happy 200th post!

  5. teen mom really is a jam! no judgement here!! :)

  6. i read that book for class one semester for my pakistan class!! i loved it! so good!

  7. Man, I want to just spend my weekend watching teen mom. Wish I didn't have so much stinkin homework.

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  8. Grace Potter played at my college while I was abroad. I was like, really? really?? Grr. lol

    I love Marie Claire, but my subscription ran out! Dammit. lol


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