this is NOT a guest post

SURPRISE! I'm back. Well. Sort of. I'm still in Chicago, I just don't have any more guest posts lined up for you. I'm sorry. I failed you all. Now you're all stuck with me mwahahaha.

So I thought I'd bring you another installment of the Best of Pinterest Lately! You all enjoyed that, right? Good.

Here we go!

Thank you for showing me how to wear the same shirt. All week.

Cupcakes! Om nom nom.



I hope you enjoyed this installment as much as I have :)


  1. Love the one shirt 7 days! My kind of shirt! ;)

  2. not stuck at all lades, enjoying my trip through your blog immense amounts. hope your time away is epic goodness too!

    same shirt is wow, maximum levels! the cupycake, bunny and stitching, well, that's a delight too. very much enjoyed. happy rest of the week wishes! ♥

  3. i love that seven shirt thing!!

  4. There is nothing better than Pininterest! And cupcakes. Hahaha :)

    <3 Belly B

  5. Ah man, you again? lol ;)
    I would definitely wear a shirt 7 days in a row if it wouldn't smell like a dirty monkey by the end of the week, right?
    Love that cross stitch


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