Two dear friends had their first baby today, and I couldn't be more excited to go meet the newest addition to our big, extended family.

To commemorate such a big day, I thought I'd share some more photos of my nuggets, who are actually no longer babies. They're turning into big girls, and I ache for the days when they were little ones.
e and l 
e and her beautiful teeth :) 
l playing in the closet
dance party 
i caught o in the middle of tv time, hence the distracted look.
beauty queen
can't get enough.
Little ones are just so fun, and I had a blast babysitting these three nuggets on Friday night. From playing with make up to reading not one, but four bedtime stories, it was a blast. I'm lucky that my family lives just a short train-ride away so I can have these moments with my little ones.

Can you stop kids from growing up? I want to keep them at this age forever :)


  1. They're so beautiful! This makes me miss my nieces and nephews sooo much. Great pictures. AND I GOT YOUR LETTER!! I'll send one back this week. :)

  2. ADORABLE pictures :-) It's definitely nice having little ones in the family and living close to them.

  3. The bf's nephew was born over Memorial Day weekend and every time I see him it's crazy how much older he seems even if it's only a week or two between visits. ;)

  4. aww! they are adorable!! my oldest "baby" is eight but i still call them all babies. i can't help it. i just want them to stay little forever.

  5. awww these kids are the cutest things!!


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