fill in the blank friday

It's that time again!

1.   My most favorite birthday was       probably my 22nd. It was right smack in the middle of my senior week, so it was a week-long celebration with friends   .

2.  My worst birthday was    my 21st. Yeah. I threw up. Everywhere. Bet you can't guess why...  .

3.  My favorite birthday memory is     seeing friends, old and new, hanging out and getting to know each other at Eastern Standard this past May when I turned 23  .

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was   gosh. The boyfriend got me a massage this past birthday that I finally redeemed this week. Fantastic .

5.  The  best birthday present I've ever given was      concert tickets  .

6.  Birthdays are       magical. They're such an amazing day to celebrate with people you love, and it's always fun to shower someone in love and attention. I love it when my sister calls me on my birthday and has my nieces say happy birthday. It's just so special   .

7.  My favorite age so far has been       23. I feel more comfortable with myself and with my life  . 

This weekend I'm taking the train back to Worcester to watch my nieces for a night, and then I'm coming back into the city to say goodbye to a friend who's heading off to become a doctor. And hopefully I'll be able to relax a little bit in between :)

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Your toes are cute!
    21 kind of sucked for me, too, but not because I threw up. . . just because when I actually turned 21, at midnight or whatever, I had just been crying alone in my apartment. Because I told my friends not to make a big deal of it, so they didn't, but I really wanted them to anyway. Situations like that suck. You say one thing, but you want someone to do the opposite, because they want to, not because you asked. Blegh! I love other people's birthdays though! I always try to make them special!

  2. i just have to say that i love yoga as well. and also, i wish i got a massage for my bday.

  3. I find it so ironic that 21st birthdays are so hyped but they usually end up being the worst! It was for me too! lol!
    And aren't massages the BEST?! Worth every dime!

  4. I love this fill in the blank. My 21st wasn't all that fab either.


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