hurricanes, moves, blogs...the whole shebang.

It's going to be a busy week guys. Blogging might be light. Forgive me in advance.

We're finishing packing. We're packing up our truck tomorrow. We're moving Wednesday morning. I'm anxious as hell to just get it all over with.

I've found a new blog obsession. Suri's Burn Book. Just visit it. You'll learn why.

Irene huffed and puffed but didn't blow my house down. She did, however, knock out power to my office building and I was forced to work from home today.

I baked this weekend. But it'll take me a while to upload photos and write out the recipe. Here's another recipe to tide you over and get you excited for fall.

Tell me what you did this weekend. I want to know :)


  1. Suri's Burn Book is my favorite tumblr ever. I am 100000% obsessed.

    Best of luck moving! What a busy week you have in store for you. ;)

  2. I get so confused between tumblr, twitter, facebook, wordpress, bloglovin'. I'm a bit concerned that I've over extended myself on the internets. You already know what I did this weekend, ha. Glad Irene wasn't too much of a whore for you.

  3. Good luck with the move on Wednesday! The burn book is pretty funny, thanks for the laugh!

    B and I spent time with his family out on the river on the boat and good home cooking!


  4. I love Suri's Burn Book! So funny. I was glad I live in the midwest over the weekend, as all my friends were stuck indoors without electricity while it stormed, I was getting my tan on at a pool party! Should you be interested in hearing more about it, check my post from yesterday at Good luck with the move!

  5. looove suris burn book. thank u friend!


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