i am running 13.1 miles in three days

Guys. My half marathon is three short days away. My mood about it has been changing week to week, but now that it's finally here, it's time to do some serious reflection on the past 10 weeks or so of training.

There have been some really bad weeks. Weeks where I asked myself what the hell I was thinking signing up for a half marathon. Weeks where I struggled to make it through a simple 2.5 mile run. Weeks where I thought I might as well just give up.

But then there were good weeks. Weeks where I breezed through 5, 6, 7 and 8 mile runs. Weeks where I tackled 10 mile runs like it was no big deal. Weeks where I felt strong and successful and like I could really do this. Weeks where running felt...well...easy.

I guess it's like life. There are good weeks, and there are bad weeks. But, as I near the end, I'm so glad I did this. I've pushed myself to do something I never thought was possible. Heck, running one measly mile felt like torture a few years ago. And now look at me: running miles upon miles, and (hopefully) completing a 13.1 mile run in a few days.

In the meantime, I'll continue to carb up and get in some easy runs. Drink lots of water. Eat a bunch of cashews. And have fun for the last few days of this awesome adventure.

Speaking of carbing up, we had pizza night a few nights ago. Here are some pictures of the pizza party.
his and hers dough.
copious amounts of cheese. for me :) 
peppers, for the boyfriend 
i make my own pizza sauce
the boyfriend's finished product
Now I'm hungry...not that that's anything new...


  1. you are insane/brave for doing a half-marathon. not even kidding. you'll probably be my latest hero once you've rocked that beezy. good luck alex. you caaaaan dooo ittttt.

  2. thanks for this post. make me want to get to running. we've discussed my training in the past on here and i have had to stop for 3 WEEKS! I got a really bad respiratory infection from something in the air and no medicine is helping! Your post makes me wanna put my infection to the side and still go run. Too bad Dr. ordered no running :(

  3. Oh my gosh, good luck! I have nothing but admiration for you! Get it girl! xo

  4. wow good for you about the marathon, that is awesome!!

  5. I am seriously so so so excited for you to do this!! I can't wait for your post about it! remember have fun and its not about time its about finishing!!! ahhh!!!
    you should plank on the finish line! :)

  6. I am beyond EXCITED for you to run your first half marathon! Having ups and downs during training is so very normal. Trust me! I almost quit when I was training for my first full-marathon. We all have those days/weeks. But hold strong and you'll be so happy you did! Once you cross that finish line, all those long weeks of training seem to fade, and the only thing that matters is that you accomplished so great! Something not everyone can mentally accomplish. :) Congratulations in advance, because I know you're going to ROCK it!

    Here's advice that's always stuck with me, given to me by a former Boston Marathon runner the day before my first marathon:

    Just relax and run. You've already done all the hard work during training. Marathon day is the day you get to have fun, and do what you've been training hard to accomplish for so long. It's the easy day!


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