#lowcardiet: week four

I have successfully completed the Low-Car Diet! And, par usual, here is my week four summary.

Once all of our final statistics are compiled, the voting process will start, so stay tuned for some fun times!

In related news, I got some sweet swag for doing this competition, one of which was for LogMeIn. Have you ever forgotten something really important on your work computer? I definitely have. Have you ever not gone back to the office to get said item because...well...you just didn't want to go back to work again? Oh. Wait. Just me? I'm just lazy.


LogMeIn has found a solution for lazy and forgetful folks like me. You can remotely access your work computer (or any computer for that matter) from any other computer or tablet or iPhone or Android phone. They've even got an app to help you remotely set up meetings. If I had an iPad, we all know I would be sitting on my couch at all times, just using that to go to meetings. And playing games.

They do a much better job of explaining all the wicked cool things you can do with LogMeIn products than I ever could, so take a little watch.

It's unreal the things we can do with technology these days. Heck, with all of this stuff, I may never go back into my office ever again...

Just kidding.

Or am I?

But really, check them out.


  1. yayyyy!!!! congrats on finishing!!!!

  2. you're so cool for finishing and your sweater looks supa cute. i feel like i haven't been over here for a while and that makes me sad. as strange as it sounds, i missed you and your updates. but it's okay because i'm back and ready to stalk. wicka whhat?!

  3. We all can't be like me and never drive a car, can we? Hahaha. Love your vlogs SO much! And yea, I forget to bring my laptop home all the time and end up being so pissed.


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