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Friday night was date night. But this was a special date night. We had tickets to go see John Butler Trio at the Bank of America Pavilion. We saw them last summer at the same place when they co-headlined with our favorite band State Radio. That time we sat fourth row and it was absolutely amazing. This summer we sat a little farther back, but it was still an amazing time.

We started by heading to the Whiskey Priest for a few drinks and some food before the show.
peroni and an amaretto sour
turkey reuben.
turkey and avocado sandwich
blue moon and a jameson and ginger
happy for food.
Then it was off to the concert we went.
Where we enjoyed $12 24oz PBRs. Mmmm. Not really.
Took pictures together...
And enjoyed the show...
performing "losing you"
Now enjoy some of my favorites :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I second Justina. only minus the turkey. just avocado. mmmm.

    you are precious by the way. is precious a strange thing to say? errr.. I don't know.. I'll keep it.

  2. i swear everyone is posting about food today! and i just ate dinner but your turkey avocado looks SO yummy! what a fun date night!

  3. Blue moooooooooon. (That's said in a bit of a zombie-like moan. Ya know like "braaaaainssss!")

  4. ahhhh adore! all that food makes me hungry! You should check out my giveaway I'm having on my blog to win a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow compact :)

  5. I really need to learn to eat breakfast before I read blogs in the morning. Because now I'm starving and stuck in the soundbooth at work. Sigh.

    That concert looks like a blast! And um, Kyle can never see that PBR can. He would seriously flip. He has a weird cheap-beer crush on PBR. Lol.

  6. It looks like you had so much fun!

  7. What a fun day!! I havent had a date night like that in a looonnngg time!
    What a cute blog, Follow each other? <3

    Lots of love,

  8. Just started listening to groove shark at work and I love it!


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