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Have any of you been to Sweet before? It's a bakery in Boston that specializes in cupcakes. Delicious cupcakes. Amazing cupcakes.
I went to their shop on Newbury Street a few days ago with one of my best friends. This kid:
this isn't from out cupcake trip though.
We decided to swing into Sweet to pick up some cupcakes, because...well...we both love sweets. Especially cupcakes. So why wouldn't we go there?
Meet the Red White and You cupcake. Vanilla bean sweet cake filled with berry bash jam topped with homemade vanilla buttercream. This is also known as a party in my mouth. This cupcake was donezo about 30 seconds after I took this photo.
Also, meet the organic karat (with a gold fleck on the top) and the...I can't remember and it's not on the menu. But you can trust me that they're all as delicious as they look.

Plus, any place that decorates with candy is A-OK in my book.
Have you been to Sweet? What's your absolute favorite flavor? And anyone know any other good cupcake places in Boston? I need to know.


  1. I haven't been. But thanks to those pictures... we are going. I've decided. just FYI hahaha

  2. Oh lordy do they look yummy! Can't beat a cupcake x

  3. That looks amazing!!!
    When I have my own apartment, I want to have candy in bowls like that!

  4. LOVE Sweet, actually have a post drafted about it myself! My favorite flavors are Pink Lemonade and Peach Cobbler :) I am always so tempted to go to the new one in Downtown Crossing because it's right on my way home from work! Bad news bears haha.

  5. Mmm, Sweet is such a pretty and cute store. And the cupcakes are seriously, seriously delicious! Dammit... now I want a cupcake!

  6. Pixie Sticks and cupcakes? YUM. Get me there now!

  7. Stop it stop it stop it!!! I want to goooo therrreee!!

    You know I love cupcakes. And this is cruel.


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