summer nostalgia

It hit me this weekend. Summer is basically over. This past weekend was the first and last time I'll see the Atlantic Ocean this summer. This upcoming weekend will be filled with family and packing. And then we move. And then it's September. And summer will be over.
I'm still being nostalgic of summer and the beautiful things it held in the palms of its hands for me this year. From finding the perfect apartment to this very moment of recovering from my post-beach hangover, it's been one of the best summers of my life.

I don't want it to end. I want eternal summer. I want the calm. The fun. The loving memories. I want it all.
But I guess it's time to move on. To make more memories. To make fall as memorable as summer has been. But, more importantly, it's time to soak up the last few rays of sunshine and to make just a few more memories.
Are you nostalgic for summer?


  1. Um, yes, I totally am. I have another month until school starts (we're on the quarter system) but pretty much everyone I know has gone back and so it feels like I'm just sort of hanging out, prolonging the inevitable. But I am going to miss the sunshine and the pool sooooo much. I'm going to try to spend as much time outside in the next two weeks as I possibly can. I'm so excited to see pictures of your new apartment!!

  2. Come to Texas. You'll be ready to kick summer's ass right at the door in NO TIME.

  3. i started grad school today... it was awful... summer is def over!

  4. For the first time in years, because of all the change I've seen, I didn't have a good summer-- which makes me even more nostalgic for easy breezy summers past! Here's to a great fall for everyone though :)

  5. Nostalgic is putting it mildly. This summer was huge for me--I got married and moved across the country. Plus I'm a teacher so I want it to be summer forever and ever and ever.

  6. i'm so excited for you two to move into your new apartment! i can't wait to see how you get it all set up.

  7. I LOVE summer but you're right, fall is also great for memories are cute jackets :)

    Lovely Little Rants


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