the summer of the rebel

Here are the first round of photos I took with my baby Rebel. I think this might have been the best decision of my summer thus far.

This camera is changing my life.
and i got a chance to wear my new dress this weekend. 
This is the start of something truly wonderful.


  1. Yepp, this just made me even more excited for the arrival of mine. SO glad you convinced me! beautiful pictures :-)

  2. eeee! pics looks great!!

    i take pics with my old digi cam and im like JEEEEZ how did I ever live without my rebel!?

    so excited for you!


  3. I love when a good camera makes you feel like a better photographer than you actually are. Not that that's what's happening with you, but I used the Canon Rebel as a store one time and I was like zooming in on display cases and shit from artsy angles, pretending I was Andy Warhol or something. It was great.

  4. Yay for fancy pants cameras! life-changing, i tell ya :)

  5. WOO HOO glad you got a camera you love! I'm in love with my camera as well and took pictures of everything and anything when I first got it. Have fun! :)

  6. unacceptable. i'm sorry alex, but you can't just buy a new dress and only show me the fabric by your knee!
    i'm dying to see how cute it is. please, rebel that shiz uuup.


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