the swapaholic loot

I made out gooood at the Swapaholic event this weekend. Like. Really good. Unfortunately, I didn't have my new fancy shmancy camera during the event, so I don't have any pictures from it. But I do have pictures of mah loot.

two dresses. f21 and gap, respectively.
two tops. unknown and rag & bone.
one sweet silk scarf.
one pair of canvas boat shoes. steve madden,
and one top that sort of makes me look preggo.
Not so sure about the last top, though. I guess I'll just have to try it with some different outfits and see if it works. What do you think? What would you do with it?

Have you gone to a clothing swap before? Any secrets to swapping success? Share share share!

And a special thank you for the lovely Swapaholic ladies for such an awesome event!


  1. You could try tucking in that last top with a pencil skirt?? Maybe?? Or leggings and a big sweater this winter?
    Great finds! And they're all free!! That's amazing. :)

  2. I have never been to said event. Could be lots of fun though! I'd pair the last top with some skinny jeans and cute flats. Perhaps a blazer as well?

  3. What fun! I especially like the first dress. I love how swaps are like a treasure hunt; it's SO exciting when you find something you like. Take care!

  4. This event sounds like it was amazing and the clothes that you came back with prove that it was amazing! I am loving that white dress!

    Yeah, tops like that last one are tricky because they don't quite work out well with a belt around the waist in order to show that you do, in fact, have a waist. Sometimes I've put those tops under a little cardigan or a jacket so then it looks more flowy under the structured jacket/sweater and less of a blob :)

  5. I have that Gap dress! Its so comfy and wonderful!
    Happy almost Hump Day!

  6. what is a clothing swap? How do I not know about this? What???

  7. 1. We have the same blanket.
    2. You have me seriously considering this whole camera thing. I've wanted one for so long and now my little camera is starting to break. But I'm clueless. If you could let me know how much you like it/if you really think it's worth it I'd really appreciate it. Also, do you just use the lens it came with to start out or do you need to buy some other lens? thanks!! :)

  8. Way jeally of your new camera. Love your new loot. I have a shirt (or maybe two) that make me look uber preggo and I have to make sure to belt them, wear a cardi over which sometimes helps, and/or wear super skinny pants and heels. ;)

  9. wow! great finds. go Alex!! Try the last top with a form fit blazer.

  10. What amazing swap scores, Alex! I almost bought that toile print GAP dress for a wedding earlier this summer, and I almost picked up that dip-dyed top at the swap. :) I figured it would be adorable (as one commenter mentioned) with skinny jeans and flats this summer -- nice and floaty for seaside drinks & roomy enough to indulge in fried clams. ;) Hope to meet you IRL at our next swap! ~ M

  11. i'm having a clothing swap with my friends this saturday! i cannot wait to see what good finds i come home with : )

    cool blog!

    ps i might be going to the rendez-vous in boston this sept, too

  12. daannggg you did come out good!! those shoes are rockin!

  13. Great swaps! Love the white dress! Wish they had one, where I am!

    <3 Kelly

  14. I'm so jealous of the dresses! I went and got a cute skirt and shoes. But those are amazing finds!


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