Last week was a big birthday week. Two birthday celebrations over the course of three days. My mom says all of the best birthdays are in September. I say she's biased because her birthday is on Friday. And clearly she forgot that I am the best.

I kid, I kid (sortof).

But anywho, last Wednesday was my lovely real-life (and also blogger) friend Bianca's birthday. Her lovely boyfriend invited me out as a surprise to her birthday dinner, and thankfully the surprise worked! We went to Bar Lola for some delicious tapas and sangria. De-lish.

We inhaled food, so I didn't get a photo of our spread. But here's dessert...
devoured cake.
butterscotch filled crepes? why yes, yes i will.
Bianca's the best. If you haven't checked out her new blog yet, you probably should. It's pretty drool-worthy, if I do say so myself.

Friday was the boyfriend's mama's birthday. We celebrated with another delicious dinner that I devoured and didn't get a picture of. Sorry. Terrible blogger.

But, as usual, I got pictures of our beverages.
proseco with a splash of orange juice and pumpkin beer
mama and son
sheer excitement
prosecco courtesy of s, the boyfriend's sistah
Birthdays always make me happy. It's so fun to celebrate someone's life and to be a part of their memories.

Happy birthday September babies :)


  1. Aww, you and your mama look so much alike!! I love that.

    Also, birthdays are just wonderful, in general. Everything (even ordinary things) seems special on your birthday. Soooooooo jealous of that dessert.

  2. Aww!!! LOVE IT! Thanks for coming and documenting! YOU'RE the best.

  3. Holy crap! I'm practically drooling over all the pictures of dessert. Oh em geeee!

  4. It's too hard not to eat food and just take a photo of it. If I don't have my camera out on the table next to where my plate goes, I forget every time.
    Looks like fun :)


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