boston fashion week

This year was the first time in Boston's fashion week history that it had a tent. The Tent. When they released tickets for purchase for some of the shows, Bianca and I were all over them. $30 for a fashion show? Yes, please.

I'm going to have a few posts dedicated to this show. There were a ton of beautiful, graceful dresses and I don't want to jam them all into one post. Plus, I want to be able to relive this for as long as possible :)

We saw Daniel Faucher Couture's show. Stunning stuff.
preparing. lipstick: revlon orange flip | earrings: banana republic
top: old navy | skirt: j.crew | belt: gap
us, being generally fabulous.
If you love our hair (big buns for the win!), then you should head on over to Bianca's little space in the blogosphere today. She's got a tutorial for how we got our hair so big and fabulous. Also, we both decided to do our hair like this separately. We also both decided to wear pencil skirts separately. We just like to think alike.
waiting for the show to start. my shoes (left): j. crew
a few shots from the show
Honestly, this was one of the most exciting events I've been too. It was beautifully executed, the pre-show cocktails were divine and being inside of The Tent made me feel like a celebrity (even though we did not receive fabulous swag bags like the front row did).

Next year, we're totally getting swag bags.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous time! Both you girls look gorgeous and have such stylish outfits!

    $30 for a ticket is not bad. Fashion shows out here (Kansas City) can get crazy expensive. Like $80 to $200 a pop. Eesh.

  2. SWAG BAGS!! Bah still so disappointed.

  3. Oooh cute outfits! Looks like you guys had a blast at the show!

  4. swag bag or not-thats badass though! i wish i could go to something like that! seriously. i don't get to go to events like that. while i live near san francisco, i just dont get that opportunity!

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. oooo sassy photos!!! :)
    and sassy outfit! :)

  6. Oh my gosh great great photos. And you look fantastic.

  7. AaAAHHAHAH. I'm almost physically in pain by how jealous I am of you guys right now.

  8. ummm GORGEOUS!!!! so jealous of you two ladies!!!
    P.S. Swag bags r the shit!

  9. This is super awesome! You look absolutely perfect--love that Old Navy blouse and the lipstick. ;)


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