Last night I hit my head so hard I burst into tears. Just sat on my kitchen floor and cried.

I feel like lately, there have been a lot of awesome aspects of my life. A new place. A new area to explore. Great friends. A loving boyfriend who gives me frozen vegetables to put on my head when I hit it. Fun adventures planned.

But there are still parts of my life that feel...lacking. Like something's missing. There's just something not there. And anxiety creeps in.

I try to spend most of my days looking on the bright side, but sometimes you hit (or get) some bumps. Sometimes I feel like I encounter these moments more than others. Or maybe it's just that I'm more openly emotional than most.

I guess I need to remember that these feelings don't last forever.

And neither will this bump on my head.


  1. Aww! Don't worry girl. I'm the same exact way.

    And bumps hurt!!!

  2. Alexandria, trust me. we all get like this. the day before my period (not that this is what is happening) I literally think the world is going to end and everyone hates me. then i get it and it's like the clouds have parted and i feel amazing. but even sometimes it's nor hormonal related. i just need a good cry. good crys work well, so do a little chocolate, a chick flick and some hot tea (:

    hope you are feeling better ASAP

  3. funny when that happens, isn't it? everything seems to be going great but there's just something not there. you're not alone and it will pass. keep looking on the bright side and treasure the little things each day.

  4. That's so horrible! We've all been there and I know you can make it through it. You'll laugh about it later!

  5. I can totally relate!! I have felt that way so often. But as you said, it will pass. Hope you feel better soon! :)

  6. Don't worry, you aren't the only one! I have felt this way A LOT recently too. I really think it's just the age that we're at. That is one of my favorite quotes, definitely small tat worthy. Hang in there and head up girl. :)

  7. I totally feel this. I've lived in a new area for about six months now & still don't have many - er, any - friends here. I love my boyfriend, I lie my job, I have a great apartment... but I still feel like something's amiss.

  8. This is pretty much how I felt all throughout my early 20s. Actually, there are still plenty of days that I feel this way. It's just a tricky time in life when your future seems so unsure. But on the ore it hand, it also means the opportunities are boundless!

  9. I like reading posts like this. It makes me feel normal!

    Ask the Duplex

  10. amen sister, amen! sometimes life just creeps up on ya! But then the jam frozen vegetable moments make it better!


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